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Forever ugly sobbing about this.

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favorite stana bloopers [1/?] | They may have smaller slates, but they definitely got bigger… 

favorite stana bloopers [1/?] | They may have smaller slates, but they definitely got bigger… 

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“We had a fight,ok?”

#i really enjoyed the whole ep but this was my very favorite #god this just means so so many things #she literally dumps the coffee out between to sinks #it splatters and makes a mess because it’s straddling the line between two different places #i just love the visual of that #because it’s beckett#she’s torn and she’s wearing herself out because she can’t make it work perfectly #she’s aiming for one but she’s holding back and she misses both#it leaves her messy and frustrated and things don’t end up how she wanted them to #i like to think this subconsciously flipped the switch for her #that she knew she couldn’t keep holding back and had to address it #because holding back made a mess #and then she resolved her choice thinking it would be a mess #but it turns out that she just might clear that divider #I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW AND EVERYTHING IT CHOOSES TO BE (x)

I love how you took Stana just missing the middle of the sink and made it this deep emotional meaningful clip. Great work. 

I think it could have been intentional. The title of the ep was ‘watershed.’ Also, why would they switch views and have a camera aimed at that part of the sink if it wasn’t?

Fact: No shot is wasted when it comes to a TV show. You only have 43 minutes to tell a story. So if for some reason there’s a sudden close up shot, it’s telling the audience LOOK HERE THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT. if the camera cuts to a reaction shot of a someone it means LOOK AT THEIR FACE, THEIR EMOTION IS IMPORTANT. if Beckett tosses her coffee in the sink and it splashes right down the center and she’s between a rock and a hard place, it means LOOK BECKETT IS HAVING PROBLEMS AND HER COFFEE REFLECTS THAT. just saying.

Exactly. If it wasn’t intentional, they wouldn’t have shot it as a close up.

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